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180 Concept

Harley Street 180

Turn your life around.

Unlike some health regimes that advocate unrealistic exercise programmes, exclude food groups or count calories, Harley Street 180 will not shorten your life expectancy, lead you into yo-yo dieting or starve you into bingeing patterns.

By tailoring an achievable programme of very short-bursts of intensive exercise, supported by a nutrition plan, both unique to you, it can help you to lose inches, changes your body shape, fight disease and live longer.

Those are big goals – but they’re realistic ones, because this is a health plan for life, based on medical and scientific research into the body’s physiology at a cellular level, and created by doctors with years of experience in treating diabetes, obesity and other metabolic syndromes.

How does it work?

Harley Street 180 has been devised by Dr. Aamer Khan, MD and his wife Lesley Reynolds, who, every day of the week, see patients looking for effective weight loss in the Harley Street clinic they co-founded.

Some people want a quick fix, others have long term goals, and some want help to maintain fat loss following surgery,but everyone wants to be the best they can, so, based on their combined expertise, 180 was born.

180 is unique. For a start, no-one is allowed to begin the programme until the results of extensive blood tests are known. A thorough physical assessment follows and only then are patients given a personal nutrition and exercise plan for a three month period.

Skin is the largest organ in the body, and this is not neglected either. All patients on the 180 programme have their skin comprehensively analysed because it is important to know what is going on under the surface. Treatments, products and vitamins are prescribed to correct impediments to ensure that the skin system works flawlessly.

Everyone on the Harley Street 180 programme are constantly monitored throughout the three!

The result will be that your energy will be boosted, your appetite regulated – and you will be slimmer, fitter and more importantly. healthier.

Your body will thank you year after year.